About Us

The Team

Deep in the holler, you will find Surf Shack Soap®  Company, a handcrafted bath and body products company that draws its inspiration from the deep roots of Texas. Surf Shack Soap® Company's bath and body products are carefully created for those who are conscious about the applications for their skin.

Founded in 2009, Surf Shack Soap®  Company is a dedicated husband and wife team. We are the head cooks and bottle washers. Mike built all of our beautiful displays and handcrafts all of the beautiful wood works. Natalie concocts all of the recipes and formulas for the bath and body products. 

We are inspired by nature and all of the bountiful treasures that God put here, on this earth, for us to enjoy and soak up.

It began with the love of Handcrafting and the Beach

We both loved the beach and loved being creative. When we started manufacturing, we knew we would have to name every product. One of us a beach / hippie, the other a country girl...we wanted a blended theme for our products. Our company is Surf Shack Soap® Company. We left room, in the bath and body product line, for "Collections". At this time, Annie Soapley® Collection is our main focus. Our personalities are further expressed through our product theme and names. The Annie Soapley® Collection is full of fun life experiences blended with love. 

Our Education

In early 2013, Mike and Natalie attended the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina. While there, Natalie received her advanced soap maker certificate. Surf Shack Soap® Company is an active member of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild. We do our best to stay on top of regulations in order to provide you with great products.

Keeping it in the Family

Together, Mike and Natalie have four grown children and 7 grandchildren. All have journeyed with us at some point. From setting up and tearing down at a show, they are all helpful in one way or another. 


We are eager to learn new things everyday. We experienced the wholesale world through the Dallas and Denver wholesale markets. We were able to expand our reach to boutiques and store owners in 35 states and Canada. We are easy to work with and try hard not to step on any toes. Our retailers are a great fit for our product line. We will and do protect by territory and protect our trademarked product lines.